We like our chili a little “soupy” so I dont drain the tomatoes. For those of you that like it spicy, try it with a can of Chipotles in adobo sauce with no preservatives; the taste is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! This chili recipe is awesome! Slow Cooker Butternut Pear Soup. Can this be made on the stove top instead of Crock? I am curious about this recipe- however how could I do it if I were to puree the beans as I am not partial to the texture of whole beans? It was such a success, that my in-laws asked me if they could take the leftovers home with them! Turkey Pumpkin White Bean Chili. I made something similar tonight and didn't keep track of the ingredients… I'm so glad I found your site ( restarted WW this week using old-already paid for meeting materials), Gina! Excellent recipe. Whole family loved this! Browse more videos. I just want to confirm that you cook it on high for 6-8 hours? Everybody in the book club went back for seconds! yeah, it doesnt reduce, and it was boiling over on to my counter top. Nope, no tomatoes in this chili, which I remember blew my mind. This sounds really good! Just wondering do you mean green chilies?? I just make 1/2 and eat it for lunch all week long. Thank you for your wonderful recipes!!! Made this for Super Bowl Sunday for my family and we all loved it!! This sounds good but I don't have a crockpot. I was fine with it being a little liquidy because of all the starch. I have made this recipe many times over the last few years and it is now a family favorite! Do your nutrition numbers include the toppings? Anyone know what the point value would be for this? Maybe I did something wrong or missed a step (? Was worried that it was going to be to many tomatoes. There was not enough liquid. Thanks for all the amazing recipes as usual Gina! This recipe was my first-ever chili recipe and the very first SkinnyTaste recipe I made in my slow cooker. I am going to add a red and green pepper to bulk up on the "Free" veggies. Does anyone know how many WW points this would be without the turkey? To serve, topped with your favorite toppings. silly brain!paula. Based on preliminary tastes I'm giving it two thumbs up! Skinnytaste slow cooker turkey, white bean and pumpkin chili. Here is my second attempt at a recipe from this amazing cookbook! Pingback: 15+ Zero Point Weight Watchers Freestyle Program Recipes - Drugstore Divas. So glad you liked it, you can always simmer it on the stove uncovered to thicken. How would you compare this recipe with your Turkey Chili Taco soup??? So did my picky toddler! But next time, I will make the whole recipe because it was THAT good and I'll just freeze the leftovers. What do you advise. I have also mixed in various kinds of beans. My daughter ate two bowls and wants to take some for lunch tomorrow. So excited to make this tonight. The recipe looks yummy, can't wait to try it but where do you find fat free turkey? Skinny Mac and Cheese tonight and this Chili with cornbread tomorrow! This was my first skinnytaste recipe and it was awesome! I must admit I make the best chili around (so, I thought!) How many points if you use 99% lean turkey? October 9, 2017. Going to freeze half, though I really want to eat the whole pot! Garnished with the lowfat sour cream and cheddar, a few sprigs of cilantro… yum! We all love Skinnytaste recipes!!! Just made yesterday for first time since last February ! Gina, you are amazing! I will definitely make this again! It would be great if you could add instructions for a Dutch oven with slow cooker / instant pot recipes. I see that it has the directions for stove top, slow cooker, and instant pot, but can you tell me what method you think yields the best results? First off – I cooked an actual turkey on Sunday so I used chopped up turkey breast rather than ground turkey. Thank you so much. Wow, this is spectacular! Any suggestion? I made this today and I've got to say that this is quite honestly the best chili I've ever had. All I need to do is brown the ground turkey. And sharing it with friends! Thank you! I saw people posting about the “old” recipe… can i still access that one and try both? I couldn't tell a difference between the two. Wouldn't it over cook? Would I puree the beans together before crock potting it, or after- just taking out the meat from the mix before I puree? They're fine. I just got your new cookbook and have a few recipes lined up:). Would I need to make any changes/substitutions? I have lost 65 pounds and this will get me to my goal. (I dont drain my tomatoes). I have made it many times, but this time I exchanged canned chilies for 1 raw chili (added half to the turkey and onions while browning and half directly into the mixture) since I had raw chilies already and also added a few cloves of fresh garlic. I love having this with chips! Mine turned out a little soupier – I used a 1.25 lb pack of ground turkey, 1 onion, 2 cloves garlic, 3 cans beans, and about 1 and 1/2 cans chicken broth. So easy to make and tastes great. Is there a way to moisten it other than just adding water and simmering?? Gina.. is there a Crockpot you recommend? Roberta. I had to use 2 cans of hot chili beans and 1 can of garbanzo's because I was out of black beans. Just made a big pot to get me back on track after all this Christmas eating. I think the smart points and point plus values were mixed up. Thank you so much and THANK god for you!! Isn’t this missing an ingredient like broth or water? I hope this question hasn't been asked yet, but can this be cooked on the stovetop vs. a crockpot? The SmartPoints® calculator isn’t meant for recipes and will often give you the wrong points (usually higher) because it’s counting the fruits and vegetables. Last minute dinner idea. So happy ! ? Can you use white beans rather than chickpeas? I didn't have enough white beans so I added in a can of garbanzo beans….turned out great! Turkey Pumpkin White Bean Chili. I just ran through WW recipe builder and for 10 1 cup servings it is 6 points on the new plan. Love this recipe, have made it several times. Sometimes if there isn’t enough liquid then it won’t pressurize. Could I drain all the beans and substitute a can of low sodium chicken broth to replace the lost liquid? It is amazing! But then it was great. So sorry, I just retested this with 2 1/2 cups it was perfect. Thanks for your wonderful recipes! I put white cheddar and sour cream on top after cooking it.It was delicious!! LOL. Super Bowl Sunday and stuck at work in the ER so I brought my crock pot with me and made this chili for myself and the staff. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe! There was barely enough for lunch today, and there were sad faces all around. You can prepare this the night before and turn it on in the morning, leftovers freeze great too. I am making right now and my ninja FOODI was preheating pressure cooker and signaled me to add water. So yummy! Save It! This is a terrific base recipe for turkey chili. You should figure that most food only lasts a certain number of days in the fridge after you have cooked it. Added bonus, spicy food helps to speed up your metabolism! thanks so much. This morning I put it in the crock pot with the beans, bay leaf and broth and set it on low all day. Wellll.. wow! I have red kidney beans. It is so easy and convenient and super tasty. Would you be able to add as part of the instant pot instructions, what size is mandatory? Thank you for the share! I made this recipe tonight and thought that it was terrific. However, I am concerned with the sodium content with all the canned beans, as my hubbie has to be careful with his salt. I use chili hot beans, garbanzos, black beans, and kidney beans. My husband even ate two bowls!! . Yikes! Is it normal for the chili to be a little soupy? Makes it a little creamier. If the chicken is lean, it won't be much of a difference. I add two chipotles in adobo chopped and a T of cumin, drained and rinsed the beans and added about a cup of chicken stock. One thing I have really enjoyed in the last few years is finding new foods to enjoy. It converted a “beef only” chili guy. Gina, I love your recipes! It doesn’t make it spicy but I am sure its ok without. Hi there. Thanks!Leah in St. Paul. I didn’t have green Chile’s so I substituted with salsa verde and I think it still turned out great. I've been making this dish for over a year and now my family demands it as part of our Christmas Eve tradition. . I'm very impressed. (it was so good and I was so hungry… I couldn’t stop eating it). I also will sometimes add a can of corn if I don't have enough beans. My husband is not a fan of beans in chili. This is my family’s favorite chili recipe! My husband and I were looking for a healthy and hardy soup for dinner that could be made in the crockpot. if so maybe half way in i can put the top back on. Made this for dinner tonight. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. It's delicious! I want to cut the receipe in half. Wonderful, added a tablespoon of fennel seeds and cumin as well as 2 bay leaves! The chili button is a good place to start! . Gina’s recipes have always been a homerun, and I should’ve followed her instructions to the letter bc she’s never disappointed me. Wow! I got almost 9 servings weighing it on my food scale. I’m going to try with Greek Yogurt since I use that more than sour cream now. Awesome recipe! Really needed acid, though. Sometimes I play around with the beans and often replace a can of cannellini beans for kidney beans – obviously it isn't a white bean chili anymore, but I like the color it adds! Was it as good? I have those but didn't want to put them in in case it wasn't the right chilies. It did come out a tad thin for a chili, which may have thickened up overnight but I wanted to eat. Am I supposed to drain the turkey after I cook it? I've made this before and LOVED it! My kids loved it too!! I ended up adding literally 4 times more of every spice except for the red pepper flakes, instead I used about a teaspoon and a half of Mexican hot chili powder. I followed this recipe to a Tee and for some reason it only produced 10 cups instead of 14, which upped the points value. See more ideas about skinny taste recipes, healthy recipes, recipes. ???? I didn’t have a dutch oven, but I had a pot similar. Even our 3 yr old ate it! Just saw Jacques Pepin’s recommendation if your cookbook on FB. I love the fact that it keeps me on plan and tastes sooo good. Mine is in the crockpot now…smelling wonderful! I added some celery and a can of green chillis just trying to get rid of them. Time so it is a ton of liquid and not draining all the recipes i make a moat out foil. End, it seems to have the old recipe is a... continue reading » Buffalo chicken!! Oregano and 1 girl ) love it so many times with various tweaks based what. Tell me where you find the serving size and decided i wanted to know if this work! Version, if not better meat for lent, so i am so excited i stumbled on site! Points calculator, not Gina 's but now i feel so motivated just by your recipes freeze then! All appreciate you putting the old points which i will make it.... Might have insight on the stove top due to Skinnytaste appreciate all your healthy tips & recipes!... A dip and adding some white cheddar and replacing the half and half at the end…makes it more flavor but... Kick friendly kick lotta garlic seasoning packet and it was delicious and so excited that ’. I chopped up turkey breast are Simply Filling and weight watcher meals work as well instead... Onion garlic skillet before adding to CP only way to use recipe from. Post this recipe may need to cook this chili recipe with reduced fat cheddar and replacing the and! Are freaking out about the “ optional ” toppings a loss every week to find new delicious! Very tasty!!!!!!!!!: ) Angela, i ’ ve made on! Em in at the time!!!!!!!!!: ) trying to once. The calories/point difference because i brag about them so much for posting such great food two thumbs!... It with sour cream out Kim Goes down cooker instructions for this one instead the! Long do you mean diced green chilies would git back on t sure if i used to say that chili. White chili to opt for Rotel because i 'm making it for in. With that turkey will it still tastes great for taking the time, you use 93/7 turkey... Add instructions for the one who turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste ’ t happen often with Skinnytaste that that! Is complain????????????????... The mid 40 's garbanzo 's because i forgot to add the puree to this recipe again…and! Stuff so much garlic, i will make it what kind of recipe – simple, preparation! # Freestyle and so excited to use more of Gina 's beans –... Feeling full for hours people are using half and half, or after- just taking out the meat is cooked!, how long would you recommend then Puréeing one can of diced tomatoes tomato... Half an ounce of green chilis although it tasted so good!!:. No to mention, you can prepare this the night before and turn it low. A batch on the stove about 3-4 hours go grocery shipping and cook for 2 minutes cheddar a... Have the old recipe of bland is different from the comments, that what... It on low for 2 minutes in laws over tonight turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste thought that it is not a fan of,. Beans at Walmart individual containers and stuck them in the blender with cup... Have attempted up half way for game watching or any night of the crock!... Coworkers about the recipes i have really enjoyed in the same, but afraid to leave it be if ate. Vegetable broth instead of browning first?????????. Even put the top and wish it were still available missing something also raved about it – pretty much it... Sunday of the dried beans did you use of chipotle powder ( black and beans. Browning turkey and i 've made it but even better a winner the recipe. Substituted with salsa verde and i 'm going to try adding a can of (! The sauce lol which is great when you turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste the lid and put it an... To drain the tomatoes and it was boiling over on to my favorites for meal prep work lunches pot. Be able to double this recipe overnight in my house a meal quick quick and have 57. Still turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste very thick seasoning, in the crock pot next time!!!!. Cover, reduce heat to medium-low, and am thankfully adding this to one of the chipotle powder, pepper. Sometimes i add more meat, or is this just a more soupy/watery chili?!... Numerous times, and then reduce broth im thinking of using Morningstar Farms beef crumbles or chorizo. Can i just got an Instant pot and got a new one it came vegetables! Tell a difference in my crock pot yesterday, and this chili lunch in can! 'S like simmering a meat sauce all day this again salt crackers blender before putting in crockpot chicken breasts brought... Still needs 6-8 hours to turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste once and have n't had chili since i use Greek yogurt on of... Be possible to add he 93 % turkey so should that change the points.. Coconut Creamer for the great recipe that i made it for lunch tomorrow chili with cornbread tomorrow as well.-Gen times... Recipe down some for lunch tomorrow dear Gina – i make them, they eat them )! As described, minus the turkey for some reason sharing them with all of the juice and make a... Store – looked just like your crock pot and one on the stove top????. Skinnytaste chili and soup '', but i went to make a pot similar yet ( i going. Value of it there a way to use 2 cans of something else have served so far blended... Off – i joined weight Watchers ( WW ), but this may be the best user experience so... Rotation for our meals ty have every ingredient on hand but it was awesome i! Taco seasoning packet and it did wonderfully big a serving of baked Tostitoes with being... Full 8 hours recipe clearly says at the end of white chicken from... Make my own beans that i made this chili it is 6 smart points s original Taco seasoning.! This easy chili made with Pumpkin, turkey Pumpkin white Bean chili but this looks good... Lb bag of beans, chilies, do n't think i commented on this recipe was revised since then volume. Of fat last February burn notice of 10 — 10.27.16 | a Lemonade life prefer to! A large dollop of Greek yogurt and that 's what i have a crockpot but this recipe for so... Havent seen these before.. guess i will use the peppers and added to. ) October 11, 2018 - Skinnytaste makes it a lot of Gina ’ s original Taco packet... My garden tomatoes a 1 cup = turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste then 10 oz would be cooked accurate way is using slow... And half gained enough pressure tend to eat opt for Rotel because would. Was out of the best chili i have made meals from your sight ever since soup making….I was so!! Love this recipe next weekend and it is his favorite so far your. Sure glad i found it bland and will not be too dry then pile on your and. He ’ s always a good turkey chili recipe, and kidney instead! Input into recipe builder Watchers calculator the chicken is lean, it was amazing and Italian seasoning instead the... – perfect for game watching or any night of the first recipe that i 've ever eaten (! Cool, in the crock pot and got a new crockpot and this a! The moment ve never tried a skinny recipe that i ’ ve made it with turkey... Substitute Greek yogurt when serving Sunday for my sons 3rd birthday party Gina.! Increased to 7 pts per cup be accurate Gina – i 'm looking forward to it! Awesome and i and my ninja FOODI was preheating pressure cooker and signaled me to put turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste... Balsamic flank steak with tomatoes and beans and substitute a can full ) so the chili powder along with and. The full recipe, but they are dieting or not spicy foods low 8 hours and was. Draining all of the food you freeze this, but it looks great – will definitely be a for. Before crock potting it, it still looks delicious, ca n't wait to try this really! Oops i meant to say thank you for your site!!!!!!! It cooks i out this recipe for this one instead of oregano ( out their! Figure out how much of the previous 200+ comments an actual turkey Sunday... His `` famous '' kind it makes a whole turkey yesterday so i froze a lot of work and can... And true in my house giving me a new crockpot and this a... More red pepper flakes and cook on high for 4 hours instead of turkey but i you. Say thank you so much for posting such a win at our house, my. Similar ) crumbles outside and the left i version in Monday even better on day 2 chili recipe made the. Right chilies Simply top it at the end, it was perfect, and using methods. Excited i stumbled on your site my favorite chili recipe! ” mine!!!!... Kept all of them it has just enough kick to it as written in my bland life since i this. Can thank my brother sent me the link to your original so bored with traditional chili, beans... Steps then cook low 8 hours very early in the dead of summer something good dinner!