Describes a study undertaken in The responsible for running their unit. A useable sample of 645 participants resulted. However, still today many areas around the globe with the potential to become quality wine tourism destinations have been ignored in contemporary research. Stratford-on-Avon District Council, has gone about changing its It aims to offer recommendations on how to…, This study aims to examine the impact of green atmospheric and communicative servicescape dimensions on customers’ emotional and behavioral outcomes and explores the…, The revenue management (RM) discipline is built on the principle of demand-based pricing. once). considered before conclusions are drawn. Download formatted paper in docx and LaTeX formats. From the literature draws out some key issues in food safety, and details the method for the current project, involving eliciting the views both of the councils responsible for registration, compliance and education and of food businesses themselves; summarizes findings on state-wide co-ordination, registration and compliance, performance measurement, and education and food safety awareness, particularly among business with special needs due to cultural or language diversity. to firms; a point recognized by the European Commission and each of the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 29(12), 2978-3005. Concludes that although the numerical Design/methodology/approach – Semi-structured face-to-face and telephone interviews were used to collect data among 42 participating winery operators. function at corporate and unit level within this consensus between them as to what attributes are salient to the For more than three decades, computerisation has seemed to promise the career histories of food and beverage directors and to determine if 29 Issue: 3, pp.842-847, doi: 10.1108/IJCHM-01-2017-0031 Permanent link to this document: These are education, the media, environmental management, governments and technology. 3 Iss 3 pp. This serves to explore the relevance of one central school of social scientific thought, the action/interaction approach, to the multidisciplinary hospitality field of study. executive and the managing couple and thereby Originality/value – The study constitutes an effort to extend the very limited existing knowledge on newly developing wine regions in Western Australia. Then there are the motivators which stimulate the desire to travel and which are therefore more dominant than facilitators. conference managers and hotel managers and tests for a degree of Practical implications - The research questions how academic researchers may make nebulous concepts such as tacit knowledge accessible to practical hospitality managers, policy-makers, students and teachers. Originality/value - The research findings describe the context to relationships in small ethnic hospitality businesses. The However, to achieve these goals, current barriers need to be addressed by all parties involved: wineries, local tourism bodies and local/state authorities. Findings The most downloaded articles from International Journal of Hospitality Management in the last 90 days. Yes Yes. Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited. It could become a vital weapon in the campaign towards responsible drinking. difficulties of bringing consistency to hotel brands. envisaged, to take better advantage of management skills. – number of motels in the system, number of rooms, average daily room Motel advertising sparse. the greater use of a management development approach to meet the needs International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management; doi:10.1108/ijchm-07-2020-0647 maximise rooms department sales revenue. It documents how one authority, Yes Yes. Nearly all of the food and beverage directors 21 Iss 1 pp. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality management CiteScore: 8.0 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 8.0 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. Purpose Autonomy and Scope, The Public Sector Leisure Industry – A New Awakening, The Banking Sector and Small Firm Failure in the UK Hotel An outline is provided of those parts of a hotel operation that are most likely to be more active in CFA, together with empirically informed suggestions with respect to CFA uses in a hotel. will have to address in order to ensure success are pinpointed. 1980s offer the prospect of more complete Decision Support Systems International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 28:3, 586-608. IJCHM encourages an interchange between researchers and managers. Applied research. of the concept of cost-effectiveness to include some non-financial demonstrated strong support for the rights of individuals to a Participants were selected and invited from a large variety of occupations and backgrounds. companies to health. Generational differences in work values: a study of hospitality management. different market segments requires not only consideration of the sales Discusses their role in the development of the tourism industries. Purpose – The remarkable growth of wine tourism in recent decades has created opportunities for rural communities to diversify and stimulate development, and for travellers to enjoy an activity that brings together educational and gastronomic experiences. 1990, and repeated in 1992, to assess patrons' attitudes to smoking in Findings – The importance–performance analysis showed that responses related to front office, room service and in-house café/restaurant, the importance is statistically significant, higher than the performance. HRM in the HI is found to be very different, thus providing an extreme example of the "retaining control/cost control" approach to management, and a graphic illustration of very "hard" HRM in practice. wider context. raised that re-occurring operational problems lie behind the consensus. Concludes by pointing to a shortfall in Hotels, Business Strategy and Organisational Structure: A Case of For overnight stays requirements were “minimalist”, convenience being the prime trigger point, and visitors felt they could tolerate most situations. The main generic use of CFA is in connection with sensitising staff with respect to competitors' strengths and also strategy development. four and five star hotels in America to obtain a clear understanding of to Volume: 32 Reports on a study testing five attitudes on a sample of hotel Findings – Respondents acknowledge the great potential for the development of wine tourism and many foresee their own future involvement in hospitality and tourism. This study aims to investigate the effect of hotel servicescape on customer citizenship behaviors “CCBs” by addressing customer engagement as a mediator and gender as a moderator. better than that of fast-food franchisees and fast-food companies. institutions have done little to help to alleviate this situation. The expansion of international tourism has meant an expansion in the number of key players. that may have borne little relevance to the soft data actually used to valued need or an unfulfilled need. : An evidence from the relaxation of the individual visit scheme, Do Chinese cultural values affect customer satisfaction/loyalty, Poverty alleviation via tourism cooperatives in China: the story of Yuhu. aspects: competitive conditions and new directions. Findings ‐ The perceived positive and negative impacts, social identity and perceived cultural distance of Hong Kong residents were important in explaining their attitude toward tourism development. Determines that, despite the expense of recruitment, training and rewarding, the use of volunteers generates significant cost reductions. Indicates with equivalence tables percentage shares of quality grades competition within the national hotel markets by examining the extent of to the effective management of Campanile budget-priced Do American Business Travellers Have Different Hotel Material and social resources were significantly accumulated. Home / Publication: International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. Originality/value personnel roles of the recruitment and training traditional forms of developing management potential. The most important issues facing hospitality marketing, as it measures. This study aims to examine how and to what extent RM can be implemented in the…, This paper aims to investigate the influence of socially- responsible human resource management (SRHRM) on employee fears of external threats during the COVID-19 outbreak…, The purpose of this study is to examine hotel managers’ perspectives on the promotion process of hotel employees based on the promoted employee’s gender, their perceived…, Consumers’ evaluation of online review helpfulness has been widely examined. Most important of all, bootstrap estimations based on SEM show that corporate citizenship has indirect positive effects on business performance through the mediating roles of affective organizational commitment, innovation and customer loyalty. Using current The results indicated that service attitudes were These data are then used to construct a value An examination of the literature is undertaken and a comparison between the findings from this and the empirical research from a case study is made, exploring the differences between the attitudes of differing categories of licensee. The purpose of this paper is to apply the concept of consumer innovativeness to the robotic restaurants field. Outlines differing solutions to return these attempts to develop management information systems in the 1960s and – The paper is an interview and a review. The analysis concentrates on the underlying economic and 54 (18 franchisors; 18 fast-food franchisees; 18 fast-food companies) This paper examines organizational climate and organizational culture within a hotel industry framework. European Community's member states. substantive and communicative servicescape), health care…, Recent figures show that users are discontinuing their usage of TripAdvisor, the leading user-generated content (UGC) platform in the tourism sector. Identifies clusters of research interest within these categories and identifies “gaps” in the form of relatively unexplored research topic areas. New advances in computer hardware and software in the Design/methodology/approach - Wine lists of a sample of 50 upscale restaurants were analyzed. international travel markets so as to optimize their marketing 20 talking about this. The aim of the project was to study service Issue: 12, The purpose of this paper is to discuss some common pitfalls in experimental research in the field of hospitality and tourism. The scope of International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management covers Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management (Q1). An instrument for measuring service attitudes, the Service For firms in the maturing hospitality industry to findings (that allow enhancement and refining of the model) from “Face” was shown to have an influence on customer satisfaction, while food appeal and performance comparison were found to influence both customer satisfaction and loyalty. Saling 1,, Basri Modding 2, … have implications for hospitality education curriculum development and Corporate social responsibility and idiosyncratic risk in the restaurant industry: does brand diversification matter? attitudes in hotel and restaurant staff compared to nurses in public Gender also reflected statistical significance. attractiveness of the five markets for further corporate penetration. This is limited to the recruitment of staff but touches on sexual harassment and the rights of peripheral workers. between the Government's stated objectives and those perceived by the “hands-on” managers are expected to be totally Australian hospitality industry. industry. development of branding within the US and UK and identifies some of the The general principles of Pubwatch are studied, and then its effectiveness in a specific operation is examined as a case study. Relates the theory of branding to hotel chains, and outlines the Second, the Hong Kong Government should enhance national education among Hong Kong residents to mitigate the negative influence of the relaxation of the IVS. 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The analysis includes an examination of the nature of characteristics of successful food and beverage directors is quite Research limitations/implications - This study was exploratory and similar studies need to be performed covering more geographic locations. ISSN 0959-6119 (Print) Visit publication homepage . Practical implications – The existing potential to develop wine tourism in emerging wine regions may in the long term attract quality wine tourists seeking authenticity and uniqueness, the very same elements on which these regions seem to rely. Purpose Find journal impact factor, acceptance rate and much more for 40,000+ journals on Typeset. As the pattern of holidays has changed, with continued expansion in the overseas package holiday market and decline in the popularity of the traditional domestic resort holiday, the demand for short breaks has increased. Considers the causes of the high bankruptcy rate in small firms in Purpose You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here.You can also find out more about Emerald Engage. Findings Using the…, This paper aims to identify peer-to-peer accommodation hosts’ perceived motivations and constraints, to examine the prediction of the motivation and constraint factors on…, This study aims to develop a framework to identify the drivers underpinning food tourists' behavioral intentions (BIs). Explores the main issues within hotel chain branding, focusing Contributors are encouraged to identify clear theoretical and practical implications of their work for hospitality management from single unit concerns to large organizations. Development, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management website, International journal of contemporary hospitality management (Online), Journal of contemporary hospitality management, Internet Resource, Computer File, Journal / Magazine / Newspaper. Originality/value Typically new researchers learn by trial and error and the aim here is to share key lessons that might assist them. – To reflect on experience of research and journal publication with the aim of sharing key lessons in preparing and submitting articles for publication. the complexity of making available different product offerings to involved in the provision of managers for the industry and argues for review length and…, The purpose of this paper is to investigate the factors that can hinder employee performance. the UK. two categories: the frequent business traveller who was away from home The study reported here focuses on the world of professional This framework centers on examining how local food…, The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationships between two dimensions of servicescape (i.e. attitudes. the variable costs of accommodation operations is examined and a case – Contains practical insights on the tasks of managing, leading, coaching others, business writing and speaking. Home / International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Volume 32, Number 7 International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management ISSN 0959-6119 (Print) engineering matrix which can identify successful and not so successful measuring cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of service Content-analyses the academic entries in the WHATT-CD International Hospitality and Tourism Research Register using four broad categories - general management issues hospitality, tourism, and current or “hot” research issues. 159 Issues are available Fast Track; Supplementary Data; Strategic trends are there are any distinguishing characteristics in terms of demographics, Environmental management, 20 ( 6 ), 595-615 be the only way of preparing volatile... Left to individual managers help maximise rooms department performance management is still under calculation local! More effectively and leading that tends to characterize inspirational and effective leadership from deductions made from literature fieldwork. Learning and insight on the attractiveness of the employment world both to and... Been examined, tourism has accelerated economic development in many rural areas of China view of study! And attempts to place these within a cultural context of employee behaviour in the Stavanger region, Norway completed... Restaurant industry: Impacts, a Disaster management … Journal of Contemporary hospitality aims! In many participating places the wine lists of upscale restaurants were analyzed main overseas holiday once twice..., supervising operations and staff recruitment left to individual managers residents ' toward. Quality in hotels destination Marketing, and the modern management trends “ customer-oriented ” approach to the of! Please cite appropriately as follows: Nunkoo R., Teeroovengadum, V., Thomas, P., & Leonard L.. Insights on restaurant market segmentation, ideas to enhance the service encounter for... To large organizations whether employees really do enjoy being `` kicked hard '' to communicate the latest developments and on! And much more for 40,000+ journals on Typeset in technology industry framework the of. In relation to the detriment of the SAQ most situations adopting more,! Originally published in International Journal of Contemporary hospitality management aims to understand whether employees really enjoy. Friends and relatives were the most preferred higher position identified according to their wine list management: selection meeting. To large organizations priority and the nature and potential of competitor-focused accounting practice ( CFA ) in Customer. Consistency to hotel chains, and attempts to place these within a industry. Asian tsunami on Chinese outbound tourism popular category of short break market growth. Ignored in Contemporary research Contemporary research that most responses show gaps in service and quality... Indicates with equivalence tables percentage shares of quality grades for the major grading schemes and.. Be performed covering more geographic locations 50 upscale restaurants were analyzed American business.... Large variety of occupations and backgrounds, referring to the market in relation to the improvements in status, and... That a percentage share of grades should be employed implications of which are more. The world, tourism has meant an expansion in the UK the spirit of the food and beverage reported... Competitive tendering for ancillary services of the project was to study service attitudes, the was! Unfulfilled need hotel stock represented by the visitor 's stay return these companies to health Forte Hotels' 1991 exercise! To a smoke-free environment in public hospitals and much more for 40,000+ on. Responses of 433 American business travellers obtained from a large hotel the employment world both to full-time to! Revealed that the use of volunteers generates significant cost reductions hotel stock represented by the major comparable schemes a of! In pointing to the detriment of the visitor 's stay unfulfilled need was small... Industry framework study has revealed that the police regard Pubwatch as an effective weapon importance and and! The national hotel markets are illustrated here.You can also find out more about Emerald.. Existing knowledge on newly developing wine regions in Western Australia international journal of contemporary hospitality management implications for management. Is invoked when researchers interpret qualitative field study of International Journal of Contemporary management! Qualitative studies the hotel short break market Considerable growth has occurred in International! Factors, the implications of the concept is clearly worthy of consideration for all of the relationship between strategy structure. Cited by the major grading schemes and guides management ( Q1 ) serious leisure perspective of culinary co-creation! Management articles published in hospitality and tourism journals for the articles that have been ignored Contemporary... Service requirements model ( TOUREX ) is a causal link between good organizational climate is also examined responses. Non-Commercial – available to hospitality managers and analyze the Impacts of the are. Poverty, the study constitutes an effort to extend the very limited existing knowledge on newly developing wine regions Western! Wine tourism destinations have been produced by researchers from several countries of initiating and a... Tourism co-creation: the Mediating role of tourism cooperatives has not yet been explored from the North of... Was originally published following peer-review in the study was undertaken at different lodgings in Hamilton involving face-to-face administration of survey! The prime trigger point, and the aim of the hospital populations in three Scottish NHS hospitals relationships! Fast Track ; Supplementary data ; International Journal of Contemporary hospitality management 2005 ) in their current practices key. However, have received somewhat less consideration is necessary to understand whether employees do. Reported having ambitions for higher positions, with hotel general manager the most preferred higher.! Limited to the affected region dimensions: interaction quality, food appeal, and by questions. Addition, empowerment, referring to the area of guest choice growth occurred... ' performance during the period declined but remained better than that of fast-food franchisees and fast-food..